Introduction is a website created to streamline the recruitment process by facilitating direct contact between employers and potential employees. The name "Ajiriwa" is derived from the Swahili word meaning "get employed." aims to revolutionize the recruitment system.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to provide a platform where employers and job seekers can easily connect and fulfill their needs. We designed this site with both parties in mind, aiming to create a better, more efficient recruitment experience.

Services for Job Seekers

For job seekers, offers a seamless job search experience regardless of education and experience levels. Key features include:

  • CV Creation Assistance: Our system guides job seekers through creating a professional CV by simply answering a series of questions. The generated CV is then saved and showcased to potential employers.
  • CV Recommendations: With permission, we recommend your CV to various employers, even if you haven't applied to their job postings, enhancing your visibility.
  • Job Notifications: We notify you of job opportunities that match your skills, ensuring you never miss a perfect job.

Services for Employers

Employers benefit from tools designed to simplify the candidate selection process:

  • Centralized Application Management: All applications are collected and organized in one easily accessible place.
  • Advanced Filtering: Employers can filter candidates based on experience, education, location, skills, language, and more, making shortlisting efficient.
  • Database Access: Employers can browse through our growing CV database to find candidates, even without posting a job ad, ideal for quick replacements.

Recruitment Outsourcing Services

In addition to our online platform, we offer comprehensive recruitment outsourcing services. Our team of experts can handle the entire recruitment process for your organization, from job posting and candidate screening to final selection and onboarding. This service ensures you find the best talent while saving time and resources.

Enterprise System Development

Beyond recruitment services, we develop systems at the enterprise level. Our expertise in creating tailored solutions ensures your organization can operate more efficiently and effectively.

Commitment to Users

We are dedicated to making the job search and hiring process easier for both employers and job seekers. Our services are offered for free, ensuring accessibility for everyone. Create your account today as an Employer or Job Seeker and enjoy the benefits our system provides.

Our Belief

We believe that numerous employment opportunities exist in the country; what is lacking is an effective means to connect employers with the right candidates. aims to bridge this gap, fostering better employment connections.

Together, we can create a more efficient and effective recruitment landscape.