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Handling a stressful job

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Handling a stressful job

One of the most common questions that employers would ask you during an interview is “How do you handle pressure?”

Pressure is a very important aspect of any job, whatever job you do, there are times when things get a little bit on the intensive side and put you in a serious pressure. Pressure arises when you have a work deadline to meet, and there are high expectations of you, or during a peak time when things to do keeps on piling up and you reach a point where you don’t know what to begin with.  Pressure can also come from within when you are pushing yourself too much or having doubts in yourself. In these situations you need to handle things in a proper manner.

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing if handled appropriately, there are times when being in stressful positions helps us become better people and realize our inner potential. The key to managing this is your positive mindset.  With a positive mindset, stress related situations can be opportunities to shine, learn and develop. Learn to put yourself at ease when you notice some pressure rising up.

Be organized

Taking control of your work starts with making priorities, you may have so much to be accomplished but not everything needs to be done or completed at the same time. You need to identify what needs to be finished first by creating your work plan, this can help you to be more systematic and get things done.

Believe in your self

Pressure often roots from doubting in your own abilities to do a certain task. It might be either because it’s the first time that you are given a certain responsibility or previously had encounters of similar situations and things weren’t so good. Do not center your thinking based on these scenarios instead focus on how good you can be, make yourself believe that you can do so well. As mentioned earlier, a positive mindset can play a vital role here.

Have a little bit of some fresh air

Go out of your office and get some fresh air, it helps to release the tension that has built up in you. It is a good idea to have short breaks after a certain period to help bringing yourself back to a calm state. Relaxing your brain occasionally can help you re-energize yourself and boost your ability to withstand pressure.

Don’t do everything alone

You don’t have to do everything by yourself, ask for help from your co-workers. Learn to be a team worker. It is a good thing to build good working relationships with your co-workers and at times like this, they will prove to be useful. In any case, two heads are better than one, so instead of wondering how you are going to do it, try and discuss with your work mate and you may come up with a much better solution to your issue.

All in all, you need to look at stress as a tool to improve yourself and not as something that will destruct you. As mentioned earlier, handling stress can make you a better thinker, a problem solver, and a leader. So if you want to excel in your work life then learning to handling stress is a step in the right direction and can bring out the best part of you that you never thought you had.

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ARTICLE BY: Peter Robert Mgembe