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How to be more productive at work place

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How to be more productive at work place

Maximizing our productivity is a goal that everyone would like to accomplish, as it leads to greater returns. But let’s face it, most people find it challenging to actualize their potential productivity. The main reason is normally connected to the environment that we work in for example poor management and outdated work systems. It’s a responsibility of the employer to make sure that the working environment is conducive.

What employers need to do

1.      Create a family like working atmosphere

A family like work place helps to bring the sense of togetherness which translates to teamwork. Treating your employees like family also means that they will have the freedom to come and discuss their personal issues with you. This could be a key into solving their productivity issue.

2.      Understand your employee's background

Not all employees are the same, and that means not all motivation method can work on everyone. Employers need to understand their employee's background to effectively implement the supportive system.

3.      Provide training regularly

In many cases of low productivity, the main cause is the fact that employees do not have the necessary knowledge as working environment changes. Employers need to make sure necessary training are done time after time to nurture the skills of the job to the employees.

4.      Recognize a good work and reward it.

This is a great motivational factor for any work place. Employee’s work needs to be appreciated to make them work harder and achieve more.

5.      Engage more with your employees

There needs to be good interaction between the employers and their staff members. Communication plays a vital role in getting to know employees. So as an employer take your time to discuss with your employees different matters and give them room to ask questions.

What employees need to do.

Low productivity can also arise from employee’s side due to personal issues. As an employee being productive requires being more deliberate about how you manage your time. Here are the things that you should do.

1.      Set yourself some deadlines

It may sound like stressing yourself but setting deadline for yourself can help you accomplish your goal faster as you try to meet such deadline. The main important thing here is your discipline, stick to what you have set for yourself. We are governed by our goals, so try to set them and drive yourself to achieving them.

2.      Quit multitasking

We tend to think that multitasking is a crucial tool for increasing efficiency which may be true in many cases, but it should also be noted that trying to do many tasks at once can result in confusion. Instead, be a person with a habit of committing to one task. This will help you focus and consequently speed up your work process.

3.      Stay away from your phone

In today’s world, people have many things going on in their smartphones especially social media which tend to take us away from our works. Do yourself a favor and not let that phone of yours distract you from your work. Set the time when you can at least grab your phone and catch up with your notifications.

4.      Take breaks

Our brains have a limited duration of continuous concentration. You need to occasionally take breaks to refresh your mind and renew your focus.

5.      Discover your most productive time of the day.

Everyone has their time when they are more productive, for some it's morning while other’s is in the afternoon. So try and find your most productive time in the day and optimize your work routine accordingly.

6.      Plan your day earlier

Create your to-do list for the next day and identify your priorities on the day before. This will kick you off to a good start on the next day as you will already have an idea of what you are going to start and finish with.


Article by: Peter Robert Mgembe