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These Habits will surely make you highly productive

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Among the priorities of any business is being as productive as possible, well because productivity translates to more gains. Let us not confuse being productive and being busy; in many cases, you may be busy but not necessarily productive. The good news is that anyone can be highly productive; depending on your daily ways of life, there are habits that can nurture your productivity. Here are the habits you can practice to unlock your productivity potential.

Create a workflow supporting environment

The environment that surrounds you has much impact on how you work; try to make your environment focus-friendly and free from distractions. Doing this will enable you to concentrate on the task you are doing, therefore, complete it as desired. Comfortability is important here as well.

Be governed by purpose

Many people fail to perform as they want because they have not defined a clear purpose/goal. The key to being more productive is to have a clear goal, which will act as your performance indicator and drive you to achieve it. So have a purpose and use that as your guide to work.

Follow your passion

Being productive is also about loving what you do, being passionate about what you do means that you will be willing to dedicate more time and focus on achieving your set goals, so find a work that you love and observe how much productive you are going to be.

Split your task into small doable parts

Too big is more likely overwhelming as you won’t know when and where to start, instead, try and split that big task into small parts that are easily doable. You will be amazed by how much faster you are going be

Focus on one task at a time

Doing everything at once is a recipe for ineffectiveness, as it does not allow you to put focus on a specific task, as a result, you end up doing everything but not at the desired level. It’s better to do few things perfectly that do a lot but substandardly, so dive in and focus on specific task then move on to others when complete.

Don’t rely on your memory, write down everything

Even if you have a photographic memory (which most of us don’t have), chances are you are not going to remember each and everything. It’s always a good idea to make a checklist of the things that need to be done then work using that list. This will ensure that you do every single task that’s on the list, so no forgetting.

Do not neglect other areas of your life

Are you too busy? Well, don’t be too busy that you forget your social life your wife/husband, your friends, your relatives, your community and even time for yourself. Life isn’t just about work, there has to be a work-life balance, you need to have time to participate in other things apart from work, doing so will help you have time to catch up with the society, build relationships but also refreshing your mental power to keep you going.

Learn from your mistakes and move on

In the previous article, we learned “why mistakes are good for you” you need to stop blaming yourself for mistakes that you make, instead use them in your learning curve and life has to go on. If you learn from your mistakes, you are surely going to be a better person, so be positive and make your mistakes part of your learning and not regretting

Have a regular sleep routine and stick to it

As important as sleeping is, many people are not having enough time on bed and that makes them feel tired and irritable which largely affects their productivity at their workplaces. It's better to set your sleep routine, so have your bed and wake up time set and stick to the plan, eventually, your brain will get used to it so you will find yourself sleeping and wake up on time. Sticking to this routine will ensure that you always have enough sleep, wake up fresh and hence ready to handle the activities of the day


So that’s it, put these into practice and trust me you will see the results. Feel to leave your own views at the comment section, we’d love to know them.