Unit Manager - Utilities & Processing Coca Cola Kwanza Limited Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
30th April 2024

Job Description

Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd has an exciting opportunity in the Manufacturing Department. We are looking for a talented individual with the relevant skills and experience in Manufacturing for a Unit Manager - Utilities & Processing position, which will based in Dar es Salaam. The successful candidate will report directly to the Manufacturing Manager.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Manage Asset Care within the Utility and Processing department
  • Ensure the necessary capacity and capability to implement an Asset Management strategy
  • Ensure that maintenance plans exist for all equipment in utilities and processing
  • Manage engineering risk and the Asset Management Integrity
  • Evaluate OEM audit reports and manage correction actions.
  • Evaluate the availability of critical stock items and facilitate adjustment when required.
  1. To drive WCM initiatives in the Utility and Processing environment
  • Leads the WCM change management processes
  • Drive innovation, improvement, and agility through change leadership
  • Formulates work practice deployment plans and ensures that plans are executed
  • Drives a problem-solving culture
  • Conducts work practice maturity assessments on a regular basis to ensure that best practices are being applied and are entrenched
  • Benchmarking best practices (internal and external)
  1. To manage and support team leaders and team to achieve production, maintenance, and quality targets in a cost-effective manner 
  • Deviations from the production plan, maintenance plan, quality, safety, and housekeeping standards are discussed, explained, and actioned together with the Team Leaders, daily
  • Support is specific to the problem, effective & timeous
  • Work instructions are in line with The Coca-Cola Quality System requirements and good manufacturing practices
  1. To formulate and control expense and capital budgets so that expenses are planned for and managed effectively within budgetary parameters 
  • Expense and capital budgets are formulated in line with financial guidelines, production budget and with the business plan
  • Manage Capex budget process
  • Budgeting to be benchmark driven
  • Capital expenses are assessed, and recommendations are made to appropriate person
  1. To encourage, assist, support, and coach Team so that departmental targets, performance, and future challenges are achieved effectively 
  • Optimise individual and team performance and development
  • Supports, coaches, and encourages the Team Leaders to use the Supply Chain ways tools as per the guidelines and specified intervals
  • Develop positive work relationships through ethical and energizing leadership, and collaboration
  • Diverse opinions and cultures of Team are being respected
  • Team relationships are underpinned by trust
  1. To sell, manage, implement, and actively support change interventions and projects to encourage the unit to internalize the change to meet operational targets 
  • Continuous understandable communication about reasons for change, processes involved, effects, benefits, etc.
  • Effectiveness of change intervention is measured, and results are fed back to team
  • Individual differences within the team are valued and recognized
  • Team leaders are committed to and enthusiastic about the change intervention
  1. To solve systemic problems to save costs, minimise risk and losses and to improve productivity in line with benchmarks 
  • Manage the optimisation of total usage of energy and water for the Plant
  • Optimise plant to control raw material usage, Management of by-products and controls.
  • Drive improvement process to achieve savings in energy and water consumption. 
  1. Ensure compliance to Safety and Statutory requirements
  • Ensure a responsible approach to EOSH and Plant house keeping
  • Ensure compliance to Country safety legislation.
  • Ensure compliance to The Coca-Cola Requirement on safety, environmental and quality systems .
  • Ensure statutory and legal maintenance complied to within Utilities equipment

Skills, Experience & Education

The incumbent should have at least a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical,  Chemical &Processing, Industrial); 3 – 5 years as maintenance controller, specialist in utilities area with production and leadership experience in a FMCG environment. Strong communication skills, good leadership qualities, good analytical skills, and a demonstrated high level of integrity.


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